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April 12, 2008

Hello, is this thing on?

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Hey everybody,

Sorry for the long time in posting. I have been extremely busy with school. That’s the problem with being student and the end of the year approaching. There is not enough time to fit it all in. I’m going to try to dedicate 30-60 minutes a day to prepare a blog post, and get it out there. A few quick updates..

  • I’m working on preparing some level 100 how-tos (all visual) – look for those in the next 2-4 weeks
  • Still trying to find a time for a few certain people to sit down and record a podcast pilot.
  • I should have some more details to share as to what I’ll be doing as an intern at Microsoft this summer on the Windows Home Server team.
  • One thing I am wondering, is what do you, the community, want to see? Is there anything specific you would like to see covered?
  • The new SharePoint guide, still in the works. I’ve been doing extensive testing to ensure that this works across different configurations, and network configurations. Feedback from reviewers has been positive. Thanks to all who have reviewed the guide. I should be within the next 2-4 weeks sending out another extensive edit to those interested. Please note, this will require that you begin with a server that SharePoint has not been installed, as I have, thanks to MVP Ken Warren, tweaked some of how SharePoint and SQL are installed.
Shout out in the comments or send me an email tom at homeserverblogger dot com

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