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November 4, 2007

Windows Home Server is officially launched worldwide!

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It’s official! Windows Home Server v1 is launched worldwide!

HP MediaSmart Servers are now available, and you can order from Amazon.com, Best Buy.com, Circuit City.com, and CompUSA.com.

The official pricing is as follows:

EX470 (500 GB unit) : $599 USD

EX475 (1TB unit) : $749 USD

Hardware Launch Tidbits:

  • In Europe later this year, Fujitsu-Siemens will be launching the SCALEO Home Server 1900, with 1TB capacity, and pricing is unknown at this time.
  • Iomega will be launching their Home Server product, the HomeCenter Server, and it will ship with one 500GB hard drive and 4 easy to use expansion bays.
  • MAXDATA will be offering the Belinea O.center server. It is energy efficient, four hot swap SATA drive bays, and advanced management and media functionality.
  • Medion will be launching their Medion Home Server later this year in Europe, and it will feature 2TB of storage, and plug and play media streaming capabilities.
  • Tranquil PC already has an offering, the T7-HSA Home Server, and will be expanding their Home Server line shortly.
  • Velocity Micro today has an offering on the market. The NetMagix Home Server is a small form factor offering with 1TB of starting storage capacity.
  • Advantec, Ace Computers, PC Club, and Universal Systems, are now offering Windows Home Server systems in the system builder space.
  • Gateway and LaCie has announced plans to build offering based on Windows Home Server.
  • Intel has announced that the Intel Entry Storage System SS4200-EHW is a great platform for Windows Home Server solutions.
  • Seagate is announcing official compatibility for their hard drives with Windows Home Server.

Software Launch Tidbits:

  • Avira GmbH, has announced that their malware detection and removal software will be supported on Windows Home Server.
  • Diskeeper Corporation has released a special edition of its Diskeeper 2008 software for Windows Home Server.
  • Raxco has released a special edition of its PerfectDisk software for Windows Home Server.
  • Embedded Automation Inc, released the mControl Add-in for Windows Home Server, which will provide home automation capabilities.
  • Proxure Inc, has announced the release of KeepVault for Windows Home Server, which will provide automatic, online backup and storage of data.
  • SageTV has released the SageTV Media Server for Windows Home Server, which will offer media streaming from Windows Home Server to PC and Mac platforms at home or over the internet.
  • SightSpeed Inc, has announced that their SightSpeed 6.0 video chat service is compatible with Windows Home Server.
  • Telligent Systems has announced that Graffiti CMS is available for Windows Home Server, and it allows users to create personal websites and blogs.
  • WiLife Inc, has announced the availability of their Command Center security software for Windows Home Server.
  • Avast! and F-secure are also creating security solutions
  • CEIVA photo frames will be compatible with Windows Home Server
  • Iron Mountain and Jungle Disk are providing secure off-site backup
  • Lagotek’s Home Intelligence Platform will be compatible with Windows Home Server
  • LobsterTunes streams music from your Windows Home Server to Windows Mobile devices
  • PacketVideo’s PVConnect offers universal plug and play media streaming
  • Sonos System Software 2.5, enables Sonos devices to work with Windows Home Server.

Stay tuned here for more launch information, and for more about each of the products listed above.


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