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October 16, 2007

1500.0 or 1500.6 – The Real Story

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Here’s a copy of what I posted to the Windows Home Server Forums about this topic:

I was combing through the blogosphere today, and I came across Philip Churchill’s post about the confusion with version information after the latest Windows Update.

This is what’s going on. Windows Home Server RTMed in July of this year. The RTM build is build 1500.0. This is the media that was originally released. In September, the Windows Home Server team released the first update for Windows Home Server. The components for this update came from build 1500.6. At the same time that they released this update, they also decided to do a media refresh. If you had the original RTM (1500.0) build, and you updated your server through Windows Update, you would / should see that only the Backup component would have the 6.0.1500.6 build number. If you have just purchased Windows Home Server within the last few weeks, chances are that you have the refreshed media, in which case all components would show the 1500.6 build number.

RTM -> Windows Update = Backup Component is the only component with a different build number.

RTM Refresh Media = All Components showing the 1500.6 build number.

Link to Philip’s post:


Any questions or comments feel free to ask!



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