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September 26, 2007

Possible fixes for Connector Update Errors

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Here are some possible fixes for the issues with the Connector that have been caused by the latest update for Windows Home Server.

1. From the client machine that is having the issue, try to manually browse to the Software share and install the Connector from there.

2. Remote Desktop into your Windows Home Server, and then delete the SETUP.exe file and WHSCONNECTOR.msi file that are in the Connector Software share, and then browse to the C drive of the WHS, and in c:\WHS copy the SETUP.EXE and WHSCONNECTOR.msi files to the Connector Software share.

3. User pjtaylor in the forums writes:

Within the Home Server Connector Software folder, I noticed I had two SET*.TMP files that were the same approximate sizes as the SETUP and MSI files but with newer timestamp’s (6/9 as opposed to 6/7). I renamed those accordingly, ran SETUP and all now seems to have connected okay.

The steps he followed were:

1. Delete or rename the WHSConnector.msi and Setup.exe files.

2. Rename the temp file with a smaller file size to setup.exe

3. Rename the temp file with the larger file size to WHSConnector.msi

4. Reinstall the connector software on your PC.


Hope this helps!



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