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September 25, 2007

Round 1 of Updates for Windows Home Server

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Hey Everybody,

As I am sure you are all well aware. Microsoft has released the first update for Windows Home Server. According to knowledge base article 941913 the update does the following:

Windows Home Server Connector installation
The installation of Windows Home Server Connector may fail because of the firewall software that has been installed on the computer. This package updates the Windows Home Server Connector software and the corresponding Help files to help you identify and troubleshoot firewall software issues and incorrect proxy server settings.
Remote Access configuration and troubleshooting
The configuration of Windows Home Server Remote Access may fail because of different factors. This package updates the remote access configuration steps and the corresponding Help files. This improvement helps you troubleshoot issues that occur with home network routers, with firewalls, and with other broadband implementations.
User Account tab
This package updates the User Account tab. This improvement gives you more information when you use the Windows Home Server-related products for the first time.
Home computer backup technologies
Network interruptions may occur in a home network environment because of connectivity problems. This update improves the backup technologies in Windows Home Server to help you back up data when a network interruption occurs. Backup operations can continue after a network connection is restored.

I’ve just installed the update on my Windows Home Server, and here are some screenshots of what the update has done.


FIGURE 1 – After installing the update, user is prompted to install an update for the Windows Home Server Connector.


FIGURE 2 – After installing the update, this is the first screen a user will see when clicking on the User Accounts tab.


FIGURE 3 – Resources tab of Windows Home Server, shows that the Backup and Restore component has been updated to build 1500.6.

Have fun with the new update, and happy serving!



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