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August 25, 2007

Tip of the day: Troubleshooting console issues

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Troubleshooting Console Launch Issues:

If you are having issues launching the console on a home computer there are a couple things you can try.

  1. Open a Command Prompt (Start -> Run -> cmd) and make sure you can ping your server. (ping servername) If you can ping your server, your network is functioning as expected.
  2. Try to launch the console normally, if the console does not work, you can “debug” the console launch.
    1. Click Start
    2. Run
    3. Type c:\Program Files\Windows Home Server\HomeServerConsole.exe /debug

This command will launch the console in debug mode, and show you what is happening on your server as it is trying to launch the console.

Troubleshooting Add-in installation issues:

  1. From a home computer, click on Start
  2. Click All Programs -> Accessories
  3. Click on Remote Desktop Connection
  4. Type the name of your server and click Connect When prompted for logon credentials use ‘Administrator’ for the username, and the password that you chose for the logon password.
  5. On the Home Server Administrator Desktop click on Start
  6. Click Run
  7. Type ‘%qlogs%’ (w/o quotes)
  8. Press Enter

In the Home Server logs folder there will be many log files, but to troubleshoot console issues, it is best to look for HomeServerConsole.todaysdate.timeconsolewaslaunched.log This is the latest log that was generated by the console, and you can try to troubleshoot the add-in issues, or you can send that log to the add-in developer so that they can debug their add-in.



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