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May 27, 2007

Ready to test RC1 of Windows Home Server?

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Hey everybody, Hope you are ready to test RC1 of Windows Home Server, because it is coming soon. Over on the WHS Forums, it has been annouced that RC1 will be available sometime this week. A couple of items to note regarding installation.

 1. If you are using Beta 2 (6.0.1301) or the CTP (6.0.1371), using the Server Reinstallation option in setup to upgrade your server is NOT supported. Please make an effort to move all of your data off of your Home Server before you install, and then copy it all back after installation is complete.

2. If you do decide to attempt an upgrade to RC1, you risk losing all non-duplicated folders and files, and all of your computer backups.

3. Upgrades from Release Candidates to the RTM product will be supported.

Once the RC build is available, please check that there are no regressions, verify that all bugs you have filed that are marked as fixed, and that there is not a way to cause the fixes to fail.

Since the feedback site has closed to new submissions, please use the forums as your place to report issues. Also, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me (homeserverblog at gmail dot com).



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  1. Hi Tom,
    I am interested in testing out Home Server and I might be able to help you improve the product for the home user, to expand the product functionality with inovative enhancements/features/usability. I have used quite a few home internet appliances over the years and my fist appliance was Intel Inbusiness Small Office Network (SON) purchased back in 1999. Though, I know HomeServer will be a different solution, this could be the product that MS finds a future far and wide, along with an ever embedded revenue stream. I hope I can help and learn too.

    Comment by inNercore — June 9, 2007 @ 2:57 pm

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