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March 2, 2007

The Pros and Cons (Part 1)

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Today begins a two part series on the pros and the cons of Windows Home Server. I have only had the software installed for about a week and from my initial testing this is a really great product. I’ll begin with some of the pros to this product:

1. Backups – I personally think that the backup system in WHS is unbeatable. It is extremely simple to configure to your liking and right out of the box, backups are run automatically. I have not found a backup solution out on the market today that has the power and the ease of use that the backup system in WHS has.

2. Drive Extender – This is a great addition to an operating system. Want to add more storage to your server? No problem, just connect the device whether it be internal or external and then thru the WHS console just add it to the pool by following a really easy to use wizard.

3. Media Sharing – I’m a huge fan of being able to access my media from all over my house, and in Beta 2 the WHS team has done a great job of implementing Media Sharing. I do think that it does need some work however. On Vista, Windows Media Player 11 picks the library right up but WMP 11 on XP does not. There needs to be a way that both versions can see the library and access content the same way. Also, I would like to see the ability to actually from the Home Server Remote Access webpage “stream” content from the WHS to wherever I am. Also with photo sharing and having Windows Photo Gallery on Vista I think that there should be a way to create WHS ready photo galleries and then upload them to the WHS and pass the links on to family and friends.

So far, I think WHS has great potential, and with a few additions and then just the overall software bug fixes I think WHS can and will be a very successful product.


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